Starting the Money Coach journey!

The idea of starting a blog around financial common sense really originated from a number of friends who suggested that I could help them in this area. My name is Chris Rew and have beenĀ  working as an executive coach for the last 17 years and continue to do so.

I see quite a few people walking through the door who are very capable very busy and often don’t have time to think about managing their normal everyday expenditure. As a result of this, decisions get put off and it’s more about the next holiday or the next immediate issue that occurs in the house that needs to be dealt with.

Whenever I was thinking about the family finances, I noticed that I found it helpful to get my thoughts down in a spreadsheet and consider what actually is needed and using a little bit of technology to help me think about what the impact of a change today might have on my finances tomorrow next week next month and next year. What this allow me to do was to start to get a sense of control back with my own finances and others that I was helping and accordingly I thought I would share some of these ideas with you in the hope that they will be of help for you and as we go forward on my journey I can share one or two other ideas that have crossed my path from time to time, both in the past and in the present.

I look forward to continuing our conversations going forward both with podcasts the occasional video and hopefully I have one or two gifts in the form of calculators that you will find helpful as we progress I’ll be delighted to hear from you and here and what issues you have and see if I can be of any assistance going forward even if it’s just a sounding board. This nicely brings me to the nature and the reason why I called this site money coach since texting is all about acting as a sounding board and helping people work out there in solutions to problems occurred to me that that’s what I was doing here and hence the name seems entirely appropriate.

As we progress my aim is to try to cover one item or idea per item in order thatĀ  these are short and useful clips and ideas without being too onerous I hope you agree.

Ok let’s get going.

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